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Elton Anderson is a photographer and global influencer. TheGrio follows Anderson on his travels, giving viwers tips for their next adventure.

Holi, the festival of colors, is a vibrant celebration signifying the blossoming of new beginnings. This annual Hindu festival typically takes place in the spring and is characterized by its large gathering of participants smearing each other with brightly colored powders.

In 2019, Ghana’s "Year of Return" extended an invitation to people of African descent worldwide to return to their ancestral homeland. Through a series of conferences, concerts, festivals, and heritage tours, the initiative fostered a renewed sense of belonging and empowerment, inspiring countless individuals to rediscover their African roots.

With over three-quarters of its inhabitants tracing their roots back to Africa, Bahia is the epicenter for Afro-Brazillian culture. Its African influence can be seen through music, cuisine, culture, and traditions that have survived long past the trans-Atlantic slave trade.